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Doing the crosscompile work

So, I’ve already tried in the past to get a working crosscompiler to FreeBSD from my amd64 box, mainly to distcc stuff.
Unfortunately, to have that working last time I had to install the headers manually, I had to mess with crossdev and overlays, and I only got the C compiler working, not the C++ one.

This time, I’m trying to fix all the stuff up so that I can actually have a decent crosscompiler that can be installed by the usual crossdev actions.

Up to now, I messed with freebsd-headers and partially freebsd-lib, freebsd-mk-defs and a few more stuff. It’s not yet straightforward to fix it up, and lots of stuff had to be changed and edited and conditioned, but the results are promising.

I do have FreeBSD’s headers merged fine using sys-freebsd/freebsd-headers ebuild, and that’s fine. I have a stage1 compiler, that means I can actually build c programs with it. I’m trying to fix freebsd-lib so that it actually merges in crosscompile.

Right now you still need at least sys-devel/pmake and sys-apps/mtree installed manually (a huge thanks to tigger for mtree, or I should have tinkered to add that myself) before running crossdev, and also freebsd-mk-defs are needed for the headers to be installed correctly. The latters has to be keyworded via package.keywords, too.

I’d actually like to be sleeping right now, but I’m waiting for freebsd-lib to at least start to try to build something…

Oh and for those who followed my little rant about shipping costs, I’m probably going to buy the two books from Amazon, as one commenter suggested. The shipping aren’t low but they aren’t too high, either. Buying only the Agile Web Development with Rails book from Amazon with their shipping costs I’m still paying less than buying the same book (in English) from an Italian e-bookshop.
Still, I’m considering what to do, as it’s still €60 to pay now for two books I’m going to receive no idea when :/

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