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Today was a good day for sound


Today while I was thinking over the code I wrote for my programmer’s job I iterated over the whole list of bugs for sound@ to try to nail it down a bit. This allowed me to cut my own list off 39 bugs. Some of them closed, some of them reassigned, some of them renamed to “bump/stable request” so they are off my radar.

I’ll spend some more time tomorrow on a similar note for media-tv bugs.

This happened while farragut is building the system, as now I can build on Gentoo/FreeBSD without making my system go starving because of VMware. And this is really good for me.
Now there are a few things that i need to fix in the baselayout, then I’ll probably roll out a new updated snapshot the next week, as I found quite a few problems while building out of that stage.

Anyway, now I’m waiting for a friend to submit a bug for ALSA on PowerPC that I have to fix, and then I’ll see to spend some more time on fixing stuff.. damn I should get a life!

Oh by the way… for the first time for what concerns me, I was able to get a fix for a security bug 9 months before the advisory is released 😉 You can be safe with xine-ui on Gentoo 🙂

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