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I’m going to re-prepare a true G/FBSD box

Finally, after quite a bit of time. What made me change my decision of using vmware-server? Well it’s mainly a factor of time and an opportunity I’ve seen just today.

When I bought the new monitor, I bought one which had a dual input, to use the DVI with my GeForce card for a dual-monitor configuration. This has the side effect that the VGA analog input is not used… and I just never used that before, until now.

I connected the VGA input to the box I used to work with Gentoo/FreeBSD on, and now I just have to press the source button on the monitor to get its output, without need to detach and reattach the connections every time.

Now it’s just matter of burning a new LiveCD and re-install Gentoo/FreeBSD on it, from scratch.

I’ll do that tomorrow for sure, as I’m probably going to have not much time in the future, if I’m going to find a job that I won’t do from home as I’m working right now. From one point of view that’s going to take much of my time, but at least I’ll be learning how to work as a helper sysadmin in a real environment 🙂

I’m trying to use all the time I have lately to fix the last issues with Gentoo/FreeBSD and with video and sound and so on. Today I fixed all the bugs for video I could think of. There are still a few that requires a long work, like xine-ui’s freeze with horizontal scrollbars on 64-bit systems, but for that I really need more work.

I’ll try to fix also a few sounds bugs tomorrow, but mostly there are bugs for jack and professional audio/music production software that I don’t have an idea of at all.

Anyway, I hope to be able to help users this way, but I’m not sure how much I can do in these limited days 😐

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