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GCC and misc updates

A few pointers on the status of GCC on Gentoo/FreeBSD. If you’ve seen GCC failing to compile lately, it’s because protoize was enabled by default on newer revisions of the toolchain eclass, but protoize doesn’t seem to build at all on FreeBSD, I’m still investigating that, but it can take a while, so in the mean time it’s disabled now.

After that, I’ve added a simple check to avoid patching and building PIE and SSP support on FreeBSD as they are not (yet?) supported, basically behaving like nopie and nossp were enabled by default on FreeBSD. Instead of 4 specs in gcc-config, now there are only two, one for Hardened compiler without PIE or SSP, and one for the vanilla compiler, dropping the extra specs.

Also I want to thanks Javier again for the work he’s doing, he prepared a modified version of imlate yesterday, that I’ll use to make sure ~x86-fbsd keyword doesn’t end up remaining only on obsolete versions.

I also keyworded Xorg 7’s drivers that builds on FreeBSD so that they are available for testing (for this, like other arches, I’m following the idea “it works until proved otherwise”, as finding people with all those drivers would prove difficult). I’ll have to fix nvidia-glx before committing xorg-x11 tho, so keep waiting for a while still 🙂

Now, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to continue working tonight or I’ll just go reading Wizard and Glass until I sleep, but between tonight and tomorrow I’ll also have to work on finishing fixing up baselayout with Javier’s patches.

By the way, I’m interested to see if there’s someone wanting to work on the support of GNOME on Gentoo/FreeBSD: what it’s needed is collaboration between Gentoo’s GNOME team, FreeBSD’s GNOME team and upstream GNOME developers, so that the efforts aren’t redundant nor unportable… yeah it’s not an easy or quick job, but it’s useful, and if you are a GNOME fan, you might want to give your hand here 😉
KDE works, and XFCE used to so it might still be working already, I haven’t tried yet. Enlightenment 0.16 out of portage works, I’m not sure about E17 as there’s a patch needed, that I’ve prepared for E16 but haven’t tried on E17. I’m interested in trying it actually, as it seems quite cool, for a WM, and I might want to use it as my WM of choice in testing Gentoo/FreeBSD.

Time to return to work!

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