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Proceeding the Init way

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

So, now that the ~x86-fbsd keyword is being spread on tree, a part from fixing the dependencies on the optional stuff I haven’t keyworded yet, I’ve started also fixing some issues with baselayout and init scripts.

I want to thank Stefano Takekawa, Robert Sebastian Gerus and Javier Villavicencio, who helped by testing and providing bug reports, init scripts and patches to base on. A new freebsd-baselayout is released, along with a few revision bumps of sys-freebsd packages: now net scripts sets routes correctly, included metrics; net.lo0 doesn’t warn anymore (both of which are fixes provided by Javier); pf and powerd have init scripts (respectively Robert’s and Stefano’s); man pages for machine-dependent drivers are installed alongside the rest of manpages to be available to users, and other misc fixes.

enlightenment has a patch and it’s keyworded in portage, I’m trying to get a hold of someone in #e @ freenode to get the patch merged upstream, so that the live CVS version would work (and thus I could try e17 ;)), and ffmpeg is fixed (in the mean that CFLAGS are no more ignored so -fomit-frame-pointer can be used to build mmx code and free up a register to allow building).

I’ve also keyworded tetex that solved a couple of optional dependencies for documentation and stuff. dev-libs/check is still a problem. I’ll be keywording some more stuff in the next days, to cover the possible basic needs of users, not much stuff, but at least enough to make Gentoo/FreeBSD usable 🙂

Unfortunately vmware-server doesn’t seem to handle sound support that good, and I can’t test it at all. I’ll have to find time to reinstall Gentoo/FreeBSD on a real box to work on, it would also help me with the building as I can test two things at a time that way.

I’m thinking if it’s worth to release a new stage, with the recent fixes to baselayout, but I’m still not sure, as there are little fixes actually.

Oh a thing.. as there was an interesting discussion about the branding of stuff in Gentoo, although the outcome is still uncertain, I’d like to be able to have something to brand with, if the branding is accepted someway, but of course most of the artwork will be for Gentoo Linux…

Now, we do have the beautiful logo that Marius Morawski drawn, would it be pushing it asking for people to prepare (possibly svg) wallpapers and kde splashscreens? 🙂 (I say KDE because that runs already, if GNOME will be fixed, that would do too).

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