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New VLC in portage

Okay a multimedia update, someone will hope this is going to be my last (or one of the last) blog entry, as seems like whatever I do, I break something (in their dreams maybe, who knows).

I’ve committed to portage, under package.mask, vlc 0.8.5 test2 . Please give it a try and report of any problems found, either to me via bugzilla or directly upstream.

I hope there won’t be anything particular, but testing it is not a bad idea, also because it started to use libtool now.

Okay I think this is just a quick update about it so that people will know about.

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  1. I have never seen anything breaking because of your usually good commits (which I come across quite a bit :-).Currently vlc is emerging, curious what breaks this time. :-)Just wanted to write you (because today I am too lazy to open a bug) that in all vlc ebuilds there is the screen flag in IUSE which does not do anything. Screen capture support is enabled in vlc by default (and does not work very well, but that’s another matter), and there is no way to disable it.$(use_enable screen) should solve it, IIRC.

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