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My kdebase-meta

(again, a quote from a TV Series I like, this time Scrubs…)

Okay so I’ve found my problem with the mouse I was having before, /dev/sysmouse does not work, the right device is /dev/psm0, although xorgcfg doesn’t recognise that, I might have to tell that to the Xorg guys.

Anyway, now that the problem is solved, I’ve keyworded also xf86-input-vmmouse that’s the driver I’m using right now.
After keywording the part of xorg I actually installed and thus made sure it works, I wanted to restart the work on KDE, while I’m still validating sys-freebsd ebuilds so that i can put them on tree in the next days.

I’ve keyworded quite a bit of the dependencies, but I’m now waiting for Qt to build. I’m sure it works, it always worked, but I have to compile it first.

Although sys-freebsd is still to be committed, I managed to keyword the base system and most of the important utilities we have, like portage-utils, screen, vim, and so on. gcc and binutils 2.15 are keyworded, 2.16 requires the patch that Mike hasn’t merged yet.

I have to say that I have left as RDEPEND.badindev most of the dependencies for doc and test useflags, as I don’t have time to test these right now. I also haven’t use.masked stuff I didn’t know already broken (like java for example), so you might get problems, they’ll be fixed, somehow.

I actually miss working on a real machine rather than a virtual one: a virtual machine is easier to monitor the console of, but it shares the compile power with my own workstation and that’s pretty annoying on the long run. I might reinstall the box I have here sooner or later, but right now going to move the monitor connection from one box to the other is really not the case, especially as from today I’m working pretty hard on my paid job.

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