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The one with xorg-server

(If you didn’t get the title, it’s a reprise of the title format for Friends, one of my favourite series.)

Last time I provided interesting screenshots… this time I won’t as I’m not yet done and I’m still fighting with it, but Xorg modular builds and runs on Gentoo/FreeBSD, yai!

The only problem remaining is that /dev/sysmouse is silent even when i put the mouse on VMware and try to move it… maybe I’ve forgotten something on kernel configuration or VMware is being silly.. yet to find out.

Now as people might have seen yesterday by -commits or by my commit log, I’ve merged the Gentoo/FreeBSD profile into main tree and started keywording ebuilds with ~x86-fbsd keyword.
What does this mean? Well the first important thing is that finally we don’t risk to see packages go away when they are the last version supporting gentoo/freebsd, but also we’d know when something requires more porting.

Unfortunately keywording everything alone is going to be a big problem, also because I have an hacked perl in my main PORTDIR to support LDFLAGS, and I still have to test it thoughtfully so that Michael will accept it, so I haven’t keyworded that yet, I’ll do it later today probably.

I’m also going to retry with sandbox later, although I’m not sure how much I got it right this time. The code should work, as it works on NetBSD at least, remains the usual problem with findutils and the call cycle.

Oh of course I’ll also be merging patches to fix build issues with GCC 4.1, with glibc 2.4, with libdvdread 0.9.5-r1 and also providing patches to avoid stripping binaries and to respect LDFLAGS, as well as improving modular xorg porting when i can … if I find time to do this of course, as I’m also working on a paid job right now… I need longer days.

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