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The xine-lib snapshot and fonts issues

Okay maybe some of you noticed that yesterday I committed in portage my fist CVS snapshot of xine-lib. This is not, as I do with mt-daapd or with vlc, a nightlie, it’s a true CVS snapshot I’ve prepared myself. It’s not safe from patches either, as many things needed to be changed anyway, so I prepared also a patchset to go with it.

There shouldn’t actually be much changes in that snapshot, but I had to try if AAC was working without and with my patch… seems like nothing changes from 1.1.1 tho, my patch is needed or xine-lib will crash badly when playing an AAC file, I can play stereo AAC file, but some people gets a device occupied error with them, and 5.1 AAC files doesn’t play at all.
I’m actually hoping for the new aac decoder in ffmpeg to finally have an alternative to the obnoxious faad library that doesn’t work as intended on 64-bit systems even after patching the hell out of it.

This post is going also to be of public usefulness.. if anybody but me, using modular Xorg, started having fonts problem after last week, like sites not rendering the chosen font but rather some strange, non antialiased, crappy font, it might be because it’s falling back to Helvetica, Arial or Times fonts instead of the sans-serif or serif fonts set in the browser. Last week the media-fonts/font-adobe-75dpi was forced on me on the modular Xorg setup (I haven’t tried looking at what it’s bringing it here), and that caused Konqueror to lookup the fonts there instead of using my own fonts when a site was listing something like “Tahoma, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”.
I wish to thank foser today for helping me sorting out the problem, that can be solved by disabling bitmap fonts in fontconfig, forcing the system to get only truetype fonts (that doesn’t look that bad); also thanks to exg who suggested me a quick way to do so, with the current ~arch version of fontconfig:

cd /etc/fonts/conf.d && ln -s {,10}no-bitmaps.conf

If anybody found the same problem, this should fix it.

Now I’m wondering if I can set fontconfig to replace the Microsoft fonts from media-fonts/corefonts with the similar fonts found on arkpandora, so that I would display webpages as the authors intended without having to install Microsoft fonts.

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  1. PutArialNimbus Sans Linto – On FreeBSD: /usr/X11R6/etc/fonts/ – On Linux: /etc/fonts/Then you need to remove this file (if you have one):/home/&#8804username>/.fonts.conf

  2. Sorry still testing, now paraphasing:xml open tag “alias” xml open tag “family” Arial xml close tag “family” xml open tag “accept” Nimbus Sans L xml open close “accept”xml close tag “alias”See also this…post.

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