Finding random bugs

Okay, seems like lately I’m hitting random bugs while caring about other things.. with the last paid job I had, I started finding a bug in Umbrello, then I found in kdelibs with Modular X, and today I found one in glibc. This last one seems to be a threading issue with stdio and gcc4’s internal copy of printf and who else knows what.

But this is not enough, today I stumbled across a bug in Kaffeine while testing something else…

Now I wanted to listen to Japanaradio, but also to do so using the aacplus server… usually amaroK refused even to start playing, but 1.4_beta2 seemed to start… but then crashed within xine code, and lookin up that I found that xine was using faad code in a really messed up way.. I was able to fix it and it’s now in xine-lib-1.1.1-r5. This seems to fix all the problems with playing aac/m4a files on 64-bit platforms.

Still I can’t listen to japanaradio because they don’t seem to recognise xine as a simpler player and consider it a streamripper :/