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Another multimedia update

Okay, after a day that was not good at all, today is time for another multimedia status update πŸ˜‰

From one side, a new version of libsndfile is in portage, as many should have noted; unfortunately the first two revisions (-r0 and -r1) were mostly broken when using -O2, as it was replaced with -O0 that caused a bit of problems, especially to people using GCC 4.1.0. This new version has already the flac optional patch embedded from upstream, but I needed to apply one to fix autoconf handling of –enable/–disable parameters; I wish to thank libsndfile author, Erik de Castro Lopo, who kindly tested and applied the patch upstream for next version, less maintenance here πŸ˜‰

Also, Kaffeine got a new release, 0.8, with new features and a restyled interface… I have to say I don’t really get the reason to have a CD ripper in Kaffeine at all, but unfortunately I can’t disable it (for now). Kaffeine got a quite immediate revbump to 0.8-r1, as I’ve added a patch to fix a problem with the new CD ripping interface: when trying to access it and a CD-Rom is in the drive (a non-audio cd), Kaffeine will open it and never close it back when the error message is displayed, making impossible to mount the drive afterwards or even play it as a DVD.
There probably are more bugs with that CD Ripping interface as it’s the main new Kaffeine feature, but I’d suggest everyone to just report them to upstream (as I did for the one I found, and the author already committed it, thanks to Christophe Thommeret).

Also, I’ve just committed new amaroK version, thanks to the amaroK team, 1.3.9 is now ready for public consumption… although I’m still using 1.4_beta2 πŸ˜‰

Oh and a quick tip for people wanting to make sure they don’t get infinite linking breakages on soname changes: if you just have libsndfile installed because it’s a dependency of something and don’t really care for sndfile-play to work, you can disable alsa support (as now it’s an useflag) and live without libasound linked in libsndfile package πŸ™‚ ); similarly, if you don’t care about the CD ripping facilities of Kaffeine, you can disable the encode and vorbis useflags, so that it won’t link against lame and libvorbis.

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