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New Kopete is coming

Okay, today Kopete developers released version 0.12_beta2, last beta before 0.12.0 final.
I have to say, it’s a big improvement since 0.11 (KDE 3.5.1), but there are still quite a few unresolved issues.
The MSN file transfer issue is finally resolved, for the joy of many (me between them), the Adium styles support for chats works fine and is way faster than the old XSLT stuff, and also ICQ protocol is improved where it was a bit lost…
But the build system is still quit messy: there’s no way to disable most of the plugins (yeah there’s a bug in bugzilla with an hacked ebuild to do that, but no, I’m not going to do that just now, I tried contacting Matt Rogers (kopete’s main dev) asking him if I can try to get a ./configure parameter to disable at least some of them but he never replied me.
Also, to enable Jiggle (GoogleTalk) support you still need a specific version of speex and ortp, that is not the last one and it’s not slotted, so unless someone updates it to use last versions of them, it’s unlikely that the support will be added to portage.

I don’t have the physical time to work on this, too… if anyone wants to see GoogleTalk support or to disable plugins like the LaTeX one, then please try to fix the API issue and send the fixes to Kopete developers, or just ask Matt if he can reply to my mail and I can provide a few ./configure switches, or fix that yourself 😛

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