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When both health and workstation hate you…

Yeah okay, I took a couple of days off lately because I don’t feel well, I must have caught a cold and my throat hurts quite a bit. I have a bit of fever too, and that’s mostly why I preferred taking these days off (although my throat is pretty annoying, especially since I end up not talking for many hours, fever makes me sleepy and more error prone).

Today I ran a cvs update and updated world just because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t stuck with an old vmware-server beta that was going to expire… it wasn’t a good idea, I’m afraid. The update of glibc to 2.4 first broke DNS resolution, then ssh and dovecot started failing at authenticating myself, repeating that id 501 was not in /etc/passwd (it always was).

Also, KOffice 1.5_beta2 update wasn’t so smooth, as I had to change the eclass to fix the change in upstream’s URL scheme, sigh.

Also, from an entry of Bram Schoenmakers today on Planet KDE, I found that kde-misc/rsibreak was incorrectly marked stable on x86… sorry for anyone who thought that was intentional, now it’s back again in ~x86.

Why I can’t have a normal break, at least one time? :‘(

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