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Today’s foe: stripping packages

Okay, if you read my blog since enough time you should know I sometimes take time to fight some “unfriendly” packages, that for some reasons break QA, or annoy me someway. Today’s foe is packages that strips their binary during compile or install, either by running strip, by adding -s to LDFLAGS or by using install -s.

Why I want to fight this enemy? because they waste my space right now.. I use splitdebug and compile with -ggdb to get debug information, and having stuff with stripped debug information is plainly annoying.
I’ll start with the packages I maintain myself, and then go down to open bugs for packages I don’t maintain, so that the stuff I get in .so.debug is not stripped.
After that, I’ll also probably spend some time to make sure splitdebug doesn’t start copying stripped .debug files to /usr/lib/debug at all.

I hope that might be of help to other people, too.. I know it’s not something that important, but I like thinking that these little things are still things to fix. I’m this way, I don’t maintain big central packages that anyone has to use like base-system does, I don’t even handle most of KDE that impact users, I just like the little fixes that nobody notices 🙂
Oh well, I think that can’t be helped, it will simply mean that I won’t be the most famous developer ;P

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