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Doing the cleanup

So, I’ve been playing with qualudis since yesterday to cleanup media-libs and media-sound. I’ve added quite a few metadata.xml files and removed some virtual/libc dependencies.

Today I felt extremely bored and I decided to do one more step, I started looking at custom makefiles, to check if they were respecting CFLAGS and LDFLAGS. Many weren’t, sigh.

Basically I spent most of the day following this routine:

  • check qualudis log for a media package with warnings;
  • check if the packages is owned by one of the herds I’m in and has no direct maintainer or if it misses metadata;
  • if metadata is missing, put a maintainer-needed one;
  • drop virtual/libc dependencies and in general clean them up;
  • check if the package respect cflags, if it doesn’t fix it;
  • check if the package respect ldflags, if it doesn’t fix it;
  • if the package strips by itself, drop stripping;
  • if the package doesn’t build with GCC4, fix it;
  • if the package isn’t ported to modular x, fix it;

and I ended up doing more than 70 commits, sigh.

Although I’m quite happy that I finally managed to cleanup at least the stuff for sound’s herd media-sound category (not counting the ones maintained directly by someone else), I think I’ve seen creepy stuff probably inherited by long long ago and never touched since then… some ./configure direct calls for example, or big seds where a simple redefine on make command would have helped, or make called without emake… and so on.

Luckily I should have been able to fix most of the oldest stuff.

Okay time to get again to work on that -waiting to hear for my actual job :P-

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