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A few news to KDE users

Okay, today was a very bad day for me, and I’m sorry to all the people I treated badly on IRC, wasn’t my intentions, just sometimes you’re so tired that repeating the same thing as usual becomes a problem.

Just to say what happened, as that might be of interest, I spent two days rebuilding world because with last upgrade from gcc 4.1.0_pre20060227 to gcc 4.1.0 final stuff started crashing down, but that didn’t solve, this morning when I returned to my desk I found konversation and kopete still crashing and that was annoying enough by itself. Add to that about 80 bugmails mostly caused by ffmpeg’s update, plus another 17 comments just for the kpdf and poppler bug, and the fact that one of Level3’s routers which carries data for my ISP to America seemed to be having problems, making unreachable to me both bugzilla and cvs, and you have a good situation of what I faced today.

Little note for people who wants to know what might annoy maintainers often: changing API in a non-compatible way in a micro release is something that people won’t like that much….

Anyway, KPDF is fixed now, and builds with poppler 0.5.1. It took me a while because not only because I had the connection trouble, but also because I wanted to provide a true solution instead of a dirty hack.

Then, amaroK 1.4 beta2 was released, enjoy! πŸ˜€ I’ve bumped it in portage less than half an hour after official release as I was idling in #amarok at the time πŸ˜‰ My overlay also started carrying the rc1 version in mid afternoon, I didn’t know portage now handles names like 1.4_beta2_rc1… that comes handy for these kind of releases πŸ˜‰
I think there are a few changes in amaroK that are worth noticing, the first is that the GStreamer 0.8 engine is no more, and amaroK now supports only GStreamer 0.10, so if you’re still using GStreamer 0.8 you have to stick with amaroK 1.3, then also arts engine is no more, and this has another side effect: we were installing amaroK in KDE’s prefix to let aRTs find the plugins it was installing -and because of splash screen in 1.3, but that’s already solved as it uses KDE’s resources system now- so I did two versions of amaroK 1.4_beta2 ebuild… the first one is a “classic” one, that installs in KDE’s prefix, the -r1 instead installs in /usr, without the hacks for moving around amaroK’s .desktop and icon files. Please give it a try and report if there are troubles.

Another update instead for Kopete users: as the obnoxious bug with MSN filetransfer has now a resolution upstream, I’ve applied the patch to net-im/kopete-0.12_alpha-r1, kde-base/kopete-3.5.1-r1 and kde-base/kdenetwork-3.5.1-r1. I tried this with a friend and it works fine indeed πŸ™‚

Oh a little end note for the people asking for rsibreak and katapult on x86. I’m on AMD64 arch team, and I only have an AMD64 at hand (well no, ok, I have the iBook that’s actually not yet completely updated, but I never asked to be able to mark ~ppc and that wouldn’t help either ;)), so for the ~x86 keywording you have to ask the x86 arch team by filing a bug asking for the keyword to be added. Please don’t ask me, I can’t do much about that.

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  1. LOL Not too long ago people where asking for the amd64 keyword to be added! Will amd64 rules the world? πŸ˜‰

  2. So, how many “version bump” bug reports were filed for amaroK 1.4_beta2 (apart from the obvious “too many”)?

  3. Hello,I’m not too sure if I’m allowed to report bugs against net-im/kopete, so I’m just posting a shy comment here because something is very strange with this ebuild. It records itself in the database (and in the world file) as kde-base/kdenetwork, and not as net-im/kopete! Is it intented .. ?! I’m using kdenetwork-meta, so there was no name conflict.

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