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When the CVS server^Wclient is annoying

Okay, so today I thought it was the case of trying libcdio from CVS in FreeBSD, it was a good call as I found that lots of stuff is actually broken because many type names were actually renamed and changed, and many drivers haven’t been updated yet. So I fixed the issues and tried checking them in… and cvs stuck after committing.
I tried updating the source tree of the real machine… stuck when cleaning up.
I tried a fresh checkout, same.

Now I think the problem is with the CVS server at it’s left waiting on a read from the socket that seems to be the one of the server, but that’s just annoying.. I’ll have to fix the problems tomorrow, while I wanted to finish this up tonight, sigh ๐Ÿ™

Update: the problem was with the CVS client not the server.. strange, Gentoo’s CVS worked fine for me yesterday… Anyway, now I’ll downgrade, be fine and happy ๐Ÿ˜› FreeBSD’s driver in libcdio is fixed again. Yuppie!

On a completely different note, I think I’m living my life too much as a geek, also if I’m trying to detach a while (ab)using RSIbreak…. and I end up, for that reason, to behave less like a normal human being in certain situations, paying attention, maybe too much attention, to corner cases and branching issues….. I see my life through a main() function …

Oh and after this blog entry by Jordi Mallach on Planet GNOME, I’ve decided to give a try to media-fonts/dejavu (after bumping it in my overlay, tbh), and now I can finally read the IPA stuff in Wikipedia! ๐Ÿ™‚
Also, I can finally read truedfx’s name… I do really hope that DejaVu gains even more glyphs so that it can be used for more things. Right now the star used in -for example- R★o★c★k★s (the first Naruto’s Anime opening title) it’s still missing, but for example I seem to be able to read the strange titles on some Enya’s songs (is it welsh? not sure actually).

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