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The QT mess

I think this is worth some blogging, as this problem has been quite common. Yesterday qt 3.3.5 was updated on portage. This version featured an early patch from Aaron Seigo to fix an UIC bug.

Unfortunately this patch is not enough to work fine as it should, so we started receiving bugs of “KDE does not compile”, eh, right.

Unfortunately not all the problems are fixed on SVN, and most of them are actual source bugs. amaroK 1.3.1-r2 is fixed, but most of KDE fails, and so does a lot of the extra software we have in portage.

Now, qt-3.3.5 is p.masked. If you feel like daring this, unmask it and try to merge kde and other stuff.. please don’t submit bugs for that unless you have patches, too. If you want to make patches, they are welcome 🙂

Update: comments disabled because I was receiving lots of spam comments just here…

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