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unieject moving again

Okay, I originally moved unieject from local SVN to a BerliOs SVN; then I moved from BerliOs SVN to a bzr repo as I was trying to get away from BerliOs SVN after the passwords defaiance.
Well when BerliOs started mangling the downloads (thing that they luckily dropped now), I registered unieject at SourceForge so that I could put there my tarballs..

Now, SourceForge has an SVN hosting… so I simply backed off from bzr again, and I moved the SVN to SourceForge. Getting the dump out of berlios is simple, as I had only to use the last nightly tarball as I didn’t committed anything there for a while; then I loaded the dump to the new importing facility and in the matter of half an hour it was imported… a bit hacking around and now the repository is set up with the changes from bzr imported again.

Now if someone wants help with unieject, translations or code, feel free to drop me a mail so that I can add you to the project 🙂

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