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flex is the new showstopper

Not so easy, eh? I found the cause of GCC’s failures, I was working on preparing the patch for binutils to submit upstream, and then I discovered that what Status reported yesterday on #gentoo-bsd is a big big big screwup of flex 2.5.31, that assumes that “m4” is GNU m4.

Okay, upstream already fixed it, I hacked up a minimal patch for Gentoo and submitted it to base-system (still to commit on overlay tho). Not a big deal from that.
But then, when flex was calling the right m4, I found that it’s incompatible with current freebsd-lib, sigh.

Now I hope this is the only thing I have to fix, but I’m not counting on that.

This is going to be a loooong day.

Update 16:32 GMT+1
I forgot to update this entry 😉
The problem with flex seems to be fixed now, the overlay contains a patched version, the hack has been submitted to base system and freebsd-lib is now patched to compile fine with flex 2.5.31 (actually requiring it, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a backward-compatible patch and I wasn’t going to spend time in has_version conditionals).

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