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Where is the stage?

Yeah I know I promised a working 6.0 stage during this week. Unfortunately there were a few issues that stopped me from continuing as planned. The first blocker is GCC that still misses the specs patch, but it’s not alone.

gnupg was something I wasn’t keen on missing, either, and finally I was waiting for portage 2.1_pre5 that fixes the annoying “Bad substitution” error message spread over everything using portage.

But a part from those errors, I’m also waiting to see what Azarah thinks of the baselayout porting so maybe I can release the 6.0 stage already with a new updated baselayout.

A part from Gentoo/FreeBSD problems, the last were quite full with bbj’s and arachnist’s patches for Gentoo/NetBSD and Gentoo/DragonFly, and the overlay is now getting bigger day after day.

Unfortunately seems like dragonfly is going to need a new set of elibtoolize patches that are quite annoying to deal with, also because they add extra load on the tree… although that is probably not even comparable to the load caused by many other patches 😛

Anyway, elibtoolize patches will have to wait a bit, in the mean time a solution is to ask upstream to release new versions with newer libtool, instead of sticking with freaking old versions (the same goes for most of the broken stuff with gnulib-using programs).

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  1. “Bad substitution” is usually caused by /bin/sh not being a symlink to bash. I had it on my Gentoo when i wanted to replace sh with dash.

  2. And at the same time if you try to do that symlink on Gentoo/FreeBSD you *BREAK* stuff.So don’t do it.Trunk portage is fixed.

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