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The odissey continue….

So, ok, the work toward Gentoo/FreeBSD 6.0 continues. I got a seed stage, but I’m quite sure it does not work. The reasons are simple: a lot of configuration file changed in 6.0, devices’ names changed too, and the result is that freebsd-baselayout installs a lot of crap.

To fix this, I have to move the configuration files from freebsd-baselayout to the packages using them, but that might make things a bit more difficult, as I’d have to fix 5.4, too, probably. Unless I decide to make new versions of freebsd-baselayout only for 6.0 and then mask it on 5.4 profile. That would work, too.

I hope to be able to push on the mirrors an experimental 6.0 stage this week. Unfortunately, the work on baselayout requires a from-scratch approach, or a mostly from scratch at least, as Roy informed me that is too outdated to work with current baselayout changes.
Not a big deal actually, this time I’ll see to push all the changes to trunk. Moving configuration files in their own sys-freebsd packages also means that I don’t have to care about them and that is good 🙂

Roy also suggested to leave dhcpcd alone and point to dhclient or udhcpc.. I’ll see to give them a try when baselayout and stuff is done. Might take some time.. I just somehow hope that if I find a new job it won’t get into this stuff. If it does, you might require some more time (I can always put on DVD my current VMware image and send it to spb (via snail mail) so he can continue the work where I left it… yeah it’s a menace! :P).

Okay waiting for my work system to update xorg and stuff, I think I’ll just find time to eat something 🙂

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