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Proceeding on 6.0

So, tonight I basically slept nothing, as I was able to sleep only at 11am (my back hurts badly, sigh :|), and then I slept in the afternoon, while the vmware was still building system.

The result of this time-clash is that this week we’ll have Gentoo/FreeBSD 6.0 stage! ๐Ÿ™‚
And after that I’m probably going to decide what to do: I can start already the work for 6.1 betas, that should be actually quite trivial, or I can try to work on the baselayout. I already asked Roy if he can take a look to see which changes were still missing in bsd-porting branch, if he can do that, I hope to get the baselayout working in 10 days or so (if I don’t get a new job that takes my time).

Hopefully with vmware-server I’ll be able to work on this more focused, and finally get something useful done. I also hope that GLEP47 can be pushed soon so that the old keywords from GLEP22 can go away finally ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh another thing I’ll be working, probably after 6.1 and baselayout are done is the AMD64 version. That is going to be tricky as I have to poke blubb or someone else from AMD64 herd as I need a multilib-enabled toolchain (while freebsd-lib should be already safe for multilib), to build boot0 and stuff. It shouldn’t be that hard anyway.

I do really hope that in the next months we can start providing our users with something shiny, possibly some improvement that can be used also by regular FreeBSD/Ports users… unieject is a step in that direction, or at least I hope so; porting dhcpcd can be another good thing.
Let’s all work for all this to turn out the best for both worlds, and not only! ๐Ÿ™‚

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