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Fixes needed

After yesterday I restarted working directly on Gentoo/FreeBSD, something that, for a while, I had to leave alone. The first important step was of course an update of the installed stuff to see if there are new problems and if the old ones are solved.
Unfortunately, seems like a few packages now does not build in their last ~x86 incarnation. In particular, findutils 4.3.0 does not build at all, and seems mostly GLIBC-oriented (this happens every other release I’ve seen; I should probably take a look to their release schedule and watch their development so that when they prepare for release I can check the version to work on FreeBSD.

Also, I’ve enabled nls support on my Gentoo/FreeBSD mainly because I wanted to know which packages were failing because of that; the result ended up in e2fsprogs failing because the static version of libiconv was missing, so I fixed that in 1.10-r1.

Another failing package is flex, that I hope can be fixed easily, but I wouldn’t count on it too much. Binutils seems to behave well this time, a part the freebsd-lib problem I already wrote about, I think next step would be to remove the patch from 2.16.1 (that leads to segfaults) and try if that can be mainline for the time being.

Again, if someone knows how to make vmware-server work on amd64 (it seems not to 🙁 ) please tell me, that would really help with Gentoo/FreeBSD.

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  1. Hi, you said you were having difficulties getting vmware-server to work on AMD64. I don’t have an AMD64 to test on (mine’s all compiled in 32-bit mode), but if you’d like to try out the ebuild on…, I’d be happy to try and help remotely debug/diagnose the problem, and hopefully make a better ebuild in the process. I’d very much like to get a nice working server build going on gentoo, so any AMD64 testing I can get now whilst helping solve a problem would be great! Thanks…

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