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I’m not dead yet

It was a bit since last I wrote about Gentoo/*BSD. Actually I had to spend some time away from the project, but now I’m mostly back, finally! 🙂

So to return with some surprises, the first notable change is within portage: the error “Syntax error: Bad substitution” is now gone, it was due to bashisms in a system() call. Thanks to antarus and marienz for applying the changes (should also make a bit quicker portage itself because of one less subshell called when importing portage :P).

Another change I’m testing now is with binutils. Remember we had to stick with a patched binutils 2.15 because of errors in libraries not being found during linking requiring us to use ? Well I thought about it, and being stuck on 2.15 is not fine.

Why we needed that patch? Because of the sucky imake… and now Xorg is using autotools (should work on FBSD and if it doesn’t, I can try to fix it, autotools is good for me, in spite of imake), so the problem should be gone. I’m trying with last version of binutils (snapshot) and I’ll soon report my results.
For who’s wondering, without that change the directories specified in are not considered, exactly as it’s being done on Linux.

Unfortunately, freebsd-lib 5.4 does not build with binutils, I’ll have to see if I have to fix that or just use 2.16 version instead… I should also start to work on FreeBSD 6.0 support, unfortunately vmware-server seems not to work for me on amd64, if somebody can confirm it does work with amd64, please tell me and I’ll have to check why it doesn’t here.

Oh by the way, Grobian tonight sent GLEP 47 that aims to replace GLEP22 keywords, finally! 🙂

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