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From the IME world

Well I said some time ago, while I don’t really have an actual use for IME to be enable on my box (not like I actually know enough of Japanese or other cjk languages to use it “daily”) I do like having it at hand for the couple of words I remember. It’s also an interesting way to call scripts 😉

Because of this and that, I eventually ended up having, in my overlay, a few updated ebuilds for app-i18n apps like scim and skim, and today I added a new version of scim-anthy (0.9.0 with ~amd64 keyword missing in 0.8.0 in portage) and the new skim-scim-anthy package to configure scim-anthy itself (needed a patch to build with Qt 3.3.5).

I’m trying to find some of the CJK people to get those version bumps in portage, but with scarce results for now 😛

For who wonders where my overlay is because wants to try the ebuilds, it can be found as a bazaar-ng repository.

On a semi-related (to bzr) note: Brian passed to me the maintainership of confcache ebuild and with that the responsibility of the emerge breakages due to it… it will be funny when portage 2.1_pre5 will be released with confcache support in it 😛

I’m starting wondering how many I’ll have to fix 😉

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