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Strange entry this time, all coming from Grant’s request of adding PAM support for the blowfish crypt() function from OpenWall. Unfortunately such support in simple PAM is going to be quite of a problem, because as it is, it requires the patch to be added to glibc.

Now, I don’t think it will be simple to add the support for the PAM module just for those functions as they are, because of the GLIBC interactions. But the code is public_domain …

So I’m tempted to say, if somebody here would like to add support for blowfish in Gentoo as a PAM module, based on the code from OpenWall, and can make a library, patching the PAM support in OpenWall’s TCB, I’d be glad to add that library and the module in portage.

While the GLIBC patches wouldn’t be difficult to manage most probably, having the functions in would allow to use the same PAM module on FreeBSD (in particular Gentoo/FreeBSD), and that is certainly an advantage 🙂

So if somebody would like to make this more Gentoo friendly, is welcome to contact me for adding them in the tree.

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