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Recent changes in KDE eclass

I think I should write something here to at least make them public, but I should also probably write something up for KDE project page to document the way KDE eclass works.

In the past months I tried to understand as much as possible the way kde eclass works and this ended up in the changes that now made possible to not have kdeenablefinal useflag present on all the packages inheriting from kde eclass also when not used, and to use confcache with KDE applications.

In the last days instead I did other changes, mainly touchups but that might help people 🙂

The first change is that now before calling econf we call elibtoolize, so the libtool patches needed for portage are now being applied fine. The other change is that new USE_KEG_PACKAGING variable that can be set in ebuilds, allowing ebuilds to pass also two other variables LANGS and LANGS_DOC that will be used during src_unpack to add support only for the required translations and documentations.

This is basically the same thing that already was happening with amaroK, Konversation and KDETV, simply now I moved the logic into KDE eclass and made this a bit more verbose, also fixing the issue that not setting LINGUAS was cutting down all the translations and documentation instead of enabling all of them as it should have done.

I’m also ready to uncomment the code that allows to get LINGUAS output in emerge -pv but that will require a bit more time as I’m not so ready to unmask such a quantity of false positive in repoman checks (now that finally we can unleash them :P).

You might want to try emerge -pv xdtv or emerge -pv koffice-i18n in the mean time and see what happens (if you have Portage 2.1) 🙂

Sorry if I’m not blogging on things interesting like I tried to do in the past (yeah I know, nobody is giving a damn about this :P) but the job calls too much lately. God, I hate that job.

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  1. Thanks for a great work. It would have been great if al packages had used LINGUAS as USE last time I added a language to the list…

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