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Modules’ day

Today, at side of working on my paid job (that’s driving me crazy by itself), I somehow managed to start looking at a fork of libmodplug (I was pointed at that by a friend of mine), and so started looking for mod support, remembering I’m plenty of modules I found years ago in one of the best Italian videogames magazines.

Well after patching the library to build without warnings, and making sure it was building from ebuild, and that xine-lib was able to build against it… it turned out that the library is not working, at least here on amd64.

I’ve wrote to the author today to send him the patch that I’ve prepared and I hope to hear back from him, meaning that the project is not dead, but I’m not counting on that too much.

This is actually a bit sad, because taking out again those modules I’m feeling a bit younger.. and I’d like to start listening to them again…

Well I think this is another of the libraries waiting for someone to take them over and improve them somehow… from my side, I don’t know modules’ internals enough to be helpful with that side, but I’ll be glad to help with autofoo and warnings fixes whoever would start a new library for supporting that. And if that somebody is going to start from the custom libmodplug above, I can already provide a patch that fixes the compiler’s warnings.

Too bad amaroK can’t play mod files ๐Ÿ˜ Update: hanno showed me I was being silly… I forgot to restart amaroK after rebuilding xine-lib, that’s why it wasn’t playing them… his comment reminded me that it’s a plugin ๐Ÿ˜›

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  1. amaroK can’t play mod files? amaroK can do everything ;-)There’s another implementation of a mod-lib called libmikmod and there’s gst-plugins-mikmod, so with the gstreamer-backend amaroK is able to play them.

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