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I’m about to cry for the joy…

… of finally having decent versions of xine-lib and xine-ui in tree 🙂

Since I joined and started taking care of xine, version 1_rc8 had to stay in the tree because it was last stable version on mips arch, and after a while version 1.1.0 joined with last ~mips keyworded version. As mips team can’t actually maintain the proper keywording for it (as nobody seems to have a machine powerful enough to use it), I’ve finally removed those version dropping the keyword. I had to fiddle a bit with enlightenment stuff to get rid of a coupe of ~mips keywording on emotion and one of the packages depending on it, but finally I was able to restrict xine-lib to versions 1.1.1-r3 (stable) and 1.1.1-r4. This means less maintenance work for me mainly, but also that some more file gone away (ebuilds, digests and orphan patches).

Also xine-ui finally got the last version keyworded as that seems to work better than old one and also fixes the head -1 issues (that are non issues as coreutils didn’t remove that deprecated syntax, but rather made it not yell that’s deprecated).

Now I just need to try to get gxine 0.5.3-r1 stable (0.5.4 fixes problems to fluxbox users, but 0.5.x series should solve some problems, and I’m not really keen to think of doing the modular x porting of 0.4.5 myself (0.5 is already fixed). Unfortunately 0.4 is still last sparc and ~sparc version.

Oh well time to go working again, while I’m also trying to understand that work, still, I’m also trying to continue the work on RubyTag++, today I added support for the conversion functions that translates the C++ objects into Ruby’s and viceversa.

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