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Bit of inactivity

So, I’m taking a bit of inactivity time now. The reason is that I found a paid job that is going to take me lot of time.
I’ll still be around for urgent things, but I’ll be a bit less responsive in the mean time.

Actually, the inactivity started Saturday, but that day it was for a completely different reason (had to help a friend of mine with an HD problem, by the way if someone has ideas on how to try to recover data from an HD which partition table is completely messed up and cannot be attached to a Windows box (either as EIDE or as USB), please leave a comment… unfortunately the partition is NTFS so the quest is harder than what I coped with before.. recovering data out of a FAT partition is not that difficult).

Anyway, I’m going to have lunch and then continue setting up the environment for the job, wish me luck 😛

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  1. A while ago, I had to help a roommate of mine with the same problem.Scrounge NTFS did an excellent job of recovery, though I did some hex-editing on the partition, replacing <tt>$MFT</tt> with <tt>$MFTMirr</tt> because <tt>$MFT</tt> was too corrupted (see How NTFS Works).Sleuth Kit supposedly works well too, but I haven’t tried it.

  2. At one of my previous part time jobs we used a program called EasyRecovery Pro to do that. You have to pay for it, its not a free download. It’s not brilliant but has helped out our customers in some situations.

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