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Continuing the TagLib bindings and other

Okay so I’m continuing working on taglib’s bindings for Ruby, using the C++ interface. My M4 file now is able to generate most of the structure code that I need by providing it the basic informations about the classes and the methods I want to bind. Unfortunately, this is not yet enough to get something working: I have yet to generate the constructors, that are the most important part of all of that, and I’m having trouble to assess if an alloc function is needed for the classes that cannot really be created by users, as they are only returned by TagLib itself.

I think I’ll try to concentrate on having something that loads on Ruby soon, and then start having something that works later. Right now I have also put in place autotools’ support so that it goes looking for Ruby and TagLib. The main problem is that to create a shared library I’m using libtool, and that don’t allow me to call the library “”, but wants to call it “”. I have to find how to get around that.

Leaving for a while RubyTag++ alone, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Google’s decision to open Google Talk to the other Jabber servers. The first thing I’ve done after that was to move all my contacts from Talk to Jabber, so that I don’t need an extra account to talk with some friends. I think this is really going to improve Jabber’s appeal: while some of us has access to decent servers (like, thanks infra again ;)), is somewhat unreliable and many other public jabber servers seems to have similar problems (I can name for example that was having more problems than working support), with Google Talk, part of the problem is solved, who can’t find a decent Jabber server can use Google Talk and stick with that, others can still reach him 🙂
I really hope this is going to change the distribution of users in the IM services, especially I’d like to get rid of most of my ICQ contacts if they move somewhere else.

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