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G/FBSD and

Ok waiting for problems with $LIBC variable in portage get fixed (for anyone hasn’t synced and tried to compile python yesterday, the compilation was broken by an “unknown file” glibc which was caused by the new global $LIBC variable which was being used by python whithout sanity checks to see if that’s really the var it was searching) I’m still working on G/FBSD trying to get latest xorg ( working fine on that system.

Actually, my g/fbsd box (defiant from now on) is an headless system, I have no monitor and no keyboard attached to it. What I want to be able to do is just having a vnc session opened to it so that I can test X-based things. My dream is getting KDE running on G/FBSD with the less modifications needed.

Well now I’m waiting for compilation results from xorg-x11 emerge process, still out in the garden with my cat laid at my side. The cause of the recent failures in compiling xorg was found in a single patch which was breaking compatibility with non-glibc systems and for that wasn’t accepted in main xorg tree. I hope that excludign it when libc is not glibc is enough to get this working.

So do we have news on G/FBSD project? spb is taking care right now of updating project page, and today’s portage was broke. But that’s going to be fixed soon, I hope. Now we are mainly waiting for LIBC, KERNEL and USERLAND expands to fix dependencies over libiconv and gettext, and get finally a working out-of-the-box irssi, without overlaid ebuilds.
After that there are a few points which needs to be fixed before getting into trying the first release, for example kernel installation, boot loader setup (grub?) and obviously documentation, althoug the combined gentoo+freebsd handbooks should be enough for start with it 🙂

Time to get into house, here the bugs are ating me!

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