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Tagging, amaroK, ruby

As I said today the option to recode tags in amaroK is now gone and it wants that the tags are filed with valid UTF-8 support. EasyTag, while seemed to work originally, seems not to work on the long run, it crashes on its own processed files!
And there are currently no good choices for KDE/Qt based software for tagging that I know of (okay amaroK has support for some tag editing but it’s not the same of EasyTag.

So I’m tempted to start a tag editor written in Ruby, using Korundum. Why Ruby and not native C++? It’s because of a series of reasons: there are already bindings for freedb access and taglib, Ruby is natively UTF-8 compliant and I don’t have to deal with that myself, I don’t even have to care about endianness.. Then there’s the thing that I’m being a completely Ruby freak lately that might make me biased 😀

I think JulTagger can be an interesting name (you have to guess the reason of such a name tho :D); I’ll give that a shot now, I have some free time and I want to take a bit of work on something for a while non-gentoo-related.

Okay, I started working on it, it’s not difficult at the end to at leat mock the design up when using Korundum. I’ve placed it as usual in KDE’s SVN, playground/multimedia module, so whoever wants to get it and start looking around.. it’s only barbone right now.
Unfortunately this barebone is enough for me to see that ruby-taglib is not powerful enough for what I need to do, it only provides basic API support because it uses the TagLib’s C interface.
I’d have to write something more complex if I really want to continue this way, and I want, but that might take some more time…

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  1. I’m really interested in this! I’ve been using Easytag for my music, and I have some tags that need to be in UTF-8 (mostly Japanese).So far, amarok is the only program to work with my tags correctly, so I have high hopes for this program if it uses taglib as well.I’d be happy to help test, and I’ll be waiting for it :)Ira

  2. The problem of ruby-mp3info is that it’s limited to mp3s.Using TagLib I would be able to tag also OGG and APE files.

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