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Snapshot of amarok 1.4

Okay, as I promised, yesterday I finished taking a snapshot of amaroK 1.4/trunk and it’s now my overlay.

I wish to thank amaroK upstreams developers for the support and the good work, in particular lfranchi who helped me with taking the snapshot yesterday.

I have to say that it seems to work fine for what I can see up to now; the only issue I had is that the recode support is no more present so the old UTF-8 tags got loaded wrong; EasyTags seems now able to fix them, but it’s crashing now, sigh.

On another note, I found that my problems with rtorrent/libtorrent are due to -Os, so I made the ebuild change it to -O2 and now works fine 🙂

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  1. :-)Saw your comments on the lib/rtorrent mailinglist.Also that Jari said he’d actualy switch to -O2 himself.

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