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How to spend a night

It’s midnight now, I’d like to be in my bed, reading The Wastelands (by Stephen King, The Dark Tower series), but instead I’m here, in front of my workstation, again. I’m actually not doing anything particular, that’s why I’m writing here, I’m probably going to take time to read some webcomic, but I’m not really in the mood.

What I’m doing here? Well right now I’m waiting rtorrent to complete the download of a torrent so that I can check if -fomit-frame-pointer is breaking on amd64, too. Still an hour to go. On another term instead I’m checking out amarok’s localisations as I’m preparing a snapshot for the ones who dares to try it. It will be in my bzr overlay that I’ve started publishing lately.

I’m quite tired, today I spent the day… well I can’t really tell, it flied away quite quickly, I had to do a bit of real-life cleanup, then there was the GCC4 test (turned out the culprit is patchset 1.3, I hope Mark can get to fix that soon).. I spent some time reading vgcats, too.

I planned lots of things to do today, and I basically did nothing, mostly because I thought of waking up at 9am, and I didn’t wake up until 11am (sigh), but also because I’m trying to give up with coke (not THAT coke, I mean Coca-Cola! :)) and I feel that missing caffeine I’m less productive ๐Ÿ˜›

Are there some caffeine patches for caffeine addicted? It would be handy.

Anyway… I’ll wait ๐Ÿ˜›

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  1. Stop with Coke?! Are you serious? If it’s about the calories try Coke Zero. Tastes the same.

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