How to annoy an ebuild developer

Sometime ago Greg KH started an ‘how to piss of a kernel subsystem maintainer’ saga… on a similar fashion, I’d like to write a (hopefully) single entry on how to annoy an ebuild maintainer.

As I wrote yesterday amarok 1.3.8 was near, and in fact was released in the night. Okay so what’s the problem with that? Well there’re no problems with that release, I was able to try out both rc1 and rc2, the ebuilds was already in place and so on.

So right after the release, I downloaded the tarball, digest, emerge, start and simple try, then copied the tarball to go on Gentoo mirrors (as there seemed to be problems with the’s mirrors at the relesae), and committed the ebuild. It took less than half an hour, mostly technical time.

So then, the first bug was filed, I asked Jakub to take care of it because I was tempted to lose PG rating if I was to reply to that.

After a while another bug was filed, and I replied to that with as much calm as I could.

So, just to make this clear, when you’re tempted to file a bug for a version bump, think! Not only the usual rules for bugs apply (look for dupes, check if the bug is already fixed in the current tree, that is, the bump was already committed), but also don’t start filing bugs for things that were released less than 24 hours ago! It might be useful if you know that the package is usually bumped late, but amaroK was always bumped the day of, or in case the day after the release. In general, don’t file bump requests before a week from release.

Oh just as an update from what I said yesterday about the coming 1.4 series: I’ll try to get a snapshot in my overlay for testing, libifp is probably going to be maintained by chutzpaz (or how’s spelt that ;)) as he’ll become developer, libgpod doesn’t work with unieject -yet, I’m missing SCSI eject support, I’ll have to check for that-, so I won’t probably install it and just rely on upstream working 😉 This all means that amaroK 1.4 will have the flags for ifp and gpod most probably, but they comes “untested” in Gentoo. No big deal tho.