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GCC4 and wxGTK/aMule

Okay, after today’s rant, something more interesting.

When I originally started testing –as-needed support, I also found a problem with wxGTK and aMule that I thought related to that flag but it wasn’t. It’s bug #118361.

From the bug I got the idea that the problem was related to our patchset, but I wasn’t so ready to sacrifice the stability of my live system for that, and adding yet another chroot was going to be a long time to go. Fortunately, thanks to AMD who donated the boxes, and KingTaco and the other admins who gave me access, I could use Pitr to do the tests 🙂

But I can be a stupid also when I don’t try to, so I actually spent two days trying to reproduce the problem… using GCC 3.4, sigh. I found that oly when I tried my own CFLAGS to see if it was a flag problem and gcc bailed out as it wasn’t knowing anything about -ftree-vectorize, meaning GCC3 was being used.

Okay so I started again and pitr is now rebuilding GCC and then wxGTK and aMule to see which patchset breaks it (as I’m sure I used to build both with GCC4 without problem); so far patchsets 1.5 and 1.4 proved bad, going with 1.3 now.

I’ll try to keep the bug up to date on what I’ll find so that Mark can find the culprit 😀 (yeah I’m a slacker, I’ll stop at finding the patchset).

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