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Prepare yourself for new amaroK ebuilds

Continuing the I’m out of cool titles saga, this is mainly a changelog entry for myself that I want to put some lights on ๐Ÿ™‚

I think I already wrote about amaroK’s team way to inform packagers of new versions of amaroK. And who idles around in @ freenode, probably already knows that before the actual release there are usually one or two (or more) release candidate releases. Last time I put them directly on portage, under p.mask, but I wasn’t happy enough of that solution because the SRC_URI was broken and I was really expecting bugs about that.
This time, as yesterday I made public my overlay, I pushed those ebuilds directly there so people can get them when they want. If you want to be updated when push something there, the changes appear in my CIA page (sorry yesterday the commits appeared on Gentoo project, now I changed them to flameeyes project anyway).

The current version available is 1.3.8_rc1 as the rc2 in ’s topic was foobar and was code of 1.4 series instead ๐Ÿ˜‰ Well this mistake was actually useful to me as I could take a look at the new deps at least. Unfortunately, it’s probably going to be an headache, especially for me. The new (optional) deps are mostly missing in portage: libifp is completely missing, a bug is filed about that, but it’s in maintainer-wanted and the ebuild does not work as intended anyway; libgpod is handled by joem, and I’m not even sure if it’s the right version, the dependency over sys-apps/unieject is a problem for me as I’m using unieject here, I think it can be changed to virtual/eject but I want to hear from joem about that; exscalibar is not even reported on bugzilla.

What does that mean? Well it means mainly that amarok 1.4 on Portage won’t have the useflags to enable ifp and exscalibar support and might have libgpod support but that would be untested by me at least (I don’t have neither an iRiver nor an iPod). Gentoo developers that might want to add and manage them and test amaroK’s features related to thos are obviously welcome to step up; non developers wanting to join Gentoo are welcome, too. For the ones who are not developers and don’t want to become, and still wants amaroK ebuild to support libifp and libgpod and the features to be tested working.. find someone else to take care that has the hardware, or donate the hardware, that’s a solution too.

Okay and as I said “ebuilds” in the title, I actually have an interesting change to 1.3.x series ebuilds, too… from 1.3.8, the $LINGUAS variable will be respected, so it won’t install lots of locales and build documentation for all the languages it supports. In my case, it just built Italian language and documentation as I have LINGUAS=“it en” (I actually have that only to get Italian spell checker, as I use the entire system in English, but anyway).
That is probably going one of the main reasons to update to 1.3.8 as the changes from 1.3.7 are actually bugfixes, most of which we don’t really care about (NMM and HelixPlayer backends are disabled in Portage) and the important one (lyrc’s change) is already applied in 1.3.7-r1 (thanks Ian again ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

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