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The –as-needed fixing guide

Okay yesterday I finally managed to write a guide to –as-needed flag and to the ways to fix it. It’s not complete, it’s still a draft, and I didn’t link it in the resources for the QA project (where it’s currently laying).
You can find it here; feel free to comment about it to me (here or directly to my mail address).

It’s not the only thing I did yesterday actually, I spent quite a few time cleaning up the maintainers’ guides for vlc and xine-lib, refreshing the sparc specific notes on the alsa guide and so on.

Today instead I found time to get rid of a few bugs of xawtv, hopefully 3.95 is going to be candidate stable as soon as possible as it fixes lot of different issues.

I’m also working on getting virtual/libintl in portage, to improve at least a bit the dependencies for Gentoo/FreeBSD (next step would be to add virtual/iconv but that’s more complex. The big problem is to avoid circular deps with glibc as that would be the “provider” for glibc systems.

Anyway, this was just a quick entry to show the –as-needed guide, so no need to increase it too much 😉

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