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Today we present modular x patches to KDE…

Yeah if you can’t tell, I’m running out of cool titles for blogging.
Anyway this is quite self-explaining. Tonight I spent some time, after a careful emerge depclean, patching KDE to remove some stray linking to libXcomposite and libXscreensaver in kwin, kdesktop and kicker.
The patches consisted mainly of mangling to remove the reference, and I committed them on upstream SVN so that they are available for next versions, too.
I just hope we’ll have someone handling KDE bump to 3.5.1 with split ebuilds because I’m mostly scared of doing it again.

Okay, I think I’ll go back looking for what links to xinerama, maybe I’ll find something that can be patched to get rid of that one form my system as I don’t use it.
The first target is gxine, as usual 😉

Update: okay I ended up adding a few more patches and xinerama useflag then. Gxine, Kaffeine and KSplashML are honouring –without-xinerama in main portage now (and with the exception of Gxine they are also upstream). I have a local modified ebuild for x11vnc and tvtime, both submitted upstream and waiting for them to see if I should send the patches to swegener and obz. I’m rebuilding GTK+ now but I might have hit an issue with –as-needed due to test programs linking to installed libraries instead of the ones just built, waiting now to see if it’s a trivial fix as I hope.

VLC is the last package I have on the system that links against xinerama (well ok there’s still wxGTK here but it’s probably a consequence of GTK+ as it does not support –as-needed), but I have yet to try preparing a patch for it as I wanted to leave it as last.

If I’m able to fix these three remaining packages, I should be able to get rid of xinerama altogether! Yeah! Obviously it would be more complex if I wasn’t using –as-needed as in that case was linked in most of my system.

I’ll be back tomorrow with more status updates.

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