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Fixing old C++ libraries

Okay, some time ago I started using and contributing to two/three C++ libraries from a fellow Italian developer (Giancarlo Niccolai): wefts (for multiplatform threading support), mxmlplus (for XML DOM parsing) and cabal (for multiplatform networking support). I was using those three libraries for another project, an Ultima OnLine server emulator (Hypnos) that then I dropped (and now you can see that lisa is not the only addicted, but well, I’m in rehab now 🙂 ).

While working on them, I also wrote ebuilds for the libraries, and two of them got added to portage, specifically dev-libs/wefts and dev-libs/mxmlplus. What’s the matter then? Well some fixes I committed in the libraries CVS were missing, and at the end quite a bit of patching was needed to make them work right.
Lately, with C++ herd creation, I thought of restarting work on them but I wasn’t able to find time. Last week I convinced myself to at least prepare working snapshot for them and move them to dev-cpp with the full name (libwefts/libmxmlplus). So I did it. I cleaned up autotools support that was a lot rough, used libtool in the right way, added pkg-config support making easier to use them, and finally packaged and moved them.

Now, I didn’t got around to add more features or things like hiding symbols, but it’s at least cleaned up so that new work on them can be done without big issues with new compilers and stuff.

Okay now a quick comment on xine-lib status: after a keywording cleanup that finally allowed me to have xine-lib stable keywords all on the same version (or about), I had to drop again some keywords, this time because I’ve added a conditional dependency on libmodplug for the latest version 1.1.1-r4. Another dependency to fix in configure so that it wouldn’t be automagic. Versions -r3 and -r4 are at the same patchset level, so there’s no difference in them if you hadn’t libmodplug installed and you have -modplug. -r3 applies the patch but then disable modplug entirely. I’m still waiting for mips to decide what to do with xine-lib package.

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