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–as-needed last points

Okay my fake-emerge-world completed. I have no big deals on my system with –as-needed problems, so just a summary.

wxGTK needs to be fixed, I’ll try to do that tomorrow if I can find time (have work to do for the family plus I’d like to watch one of the DVDs I bought today). aMule follows wxGTK. mkvtoolnix and vlc blacklists –as-needed when wxWidgets is enabled because they make ld segfault.
mt-daapd is currently blacklisting, I can fix it tomorrow.
For net-snmp I have a patch, that I still have to try.
libwww took me a while, but thanks to ccache and continue “make clean all”, I sorted it out, a bug is available.
Avidemux requires fixing (but I might probably just blacklist it).

Update: libwww fails to install, have to see why this, if it’s related to my patch or not. net-snmp instead works fine, yeee!

GNOME users has little to be happy about, unfortunately. Sebastian sent me some failure logs, some of them are quite interesting because there are circular deps that are difficult to fix.
If I won’t be able to fix them, the only alternative is to blacklist –as-needed until they’re fixed.

Just for telling you that, I’ve also restarted working on Gentoo/FreeBSD as I fixed my box, the result is that I’m actually going to try the FreeBSD 6.0 jump soon, I had a few tricks told me by azarah and vapier that I might be able to find, if not a solution, at least a workaround. I also fixed readline today that was simply failing before.

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