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My first “new year” within Gentoo

Gentoo/FreeBSD logo by Marius Morawski

This is, obviously 🙂 I joined Gentoo development last April so this is for me the first time I change the year as a Gentoo dev. Not like this actually change that much my usual new year’s eve, but it’s somehow a satisfaction to say “I’ve lasted until now!”. I hope this won’t be the last new year within Gentoo, too.

From a personal point of view, this new year is quite promising, also if I spent the eve with my parents at home as usual, with almost all my friends at someone’s house near Santa Croce lake. I called them after midnight to wish them all an happy new year, and that was an enjoyable call after all.. actually, I’d like to thanks Marco for the surprise when I called, but he’s not going to read this anyway 🙂

What I hope from this year is to be able to continue not only the work on Gentoo/Alt and Gentoo/FreeBSD in particular (6.0 version comes to mind, I’ll take a better look to that in the next month, I’m still looking for some binutils expert to help me splitting out the patches from FreeBSD sources). I’m also probably going to resurrect a few projects I left lingering around, at least to build fine with GCC 4.0/4.1 that is probably something that always get problematic for software that’s not actively maintained.. KNetLoad is probably the most notable project I want to restart working on.

Oh an announcement that I forgot to do, I released two days ago a service release for unieject, version 5.1, that features the new manpages written using docbook (and xmlto), thanks to Stuart for suggesting me that (and for webapp-config manpages, that I used as an example to write mine). It also features a few changes in the configure script to be cleaner and to make use of configure cache, that gets quite useful especially for me when I’m working on it 🙂

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