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Website cleanup

Okay, tonight was still a bit off after the week working on the data entry job, and all the holidays and stuff (almost all of my best friends are now happily on mountains, near Santa Croce lake, and I’m still here in the hole of the world near the city). I spent the evening and night watching About A Boy, and then I’ve thought it was the case to clean up a bit my site, moving a few more projects to the “old stuff” page, as I stopped caring about most of it.
Tomorrow I’ll spend more time for house cleanings, and then I’ll see to restart working as a full-time dev until a new job comes.

Oh I still have to learn docbook, but it seems like docbook2man requires the use of (old) sgml format, if someone knows if that’s right or not, can please confirm it on comments? That would be great 🙂

I’m also tempted to start learning Ruby on Rails and looking for AJAX programming, it might be a good alternative solution to propose in spite of Access/VBA data entry software, it would allow to use a more powerful database like PostgreSQL while being user friendly, not counting the ability to depend not on a single operating system.
Yeah I’m probably not going to convince the people I worked for to move to such a framework, but it might be an interesting test and something that can actually show off well on my curriculum that mostly sucks right now.

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