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New headphones…

It’s a time when things breaks suddenly: today my old headphones broke, sigh, so I had to buy a new pair. This time it’s a Sennheiser HD 515… for sure a lot different from the old pair.
As I was at the shop, I also bought the cable to connect my VCR to the new amplifier, and I also took the time to look for a DVD to give my mother as Christmas gift (knowing that she likes Richard Gere I choose a “special price” Shall We Dance DVD… actually, two DVD, as one of the two is a Windows Media HD-DVD… but well we don’t have anything to play it on… it was at the same price of the single DVD version so I took it anyway), and finally as I was there, I also found a special offer on About a Boy DVD… I liked that film from the first time I’ve seen it, and I’ve seen it two or three times, but I still have to see it in English, that’s the main reason why I buy DVDs.

In the last days I’ve also spent some more time, during the evening, watching the extra DVDs for The Lord of the Rings that I always left behind me. With them, and the new DVDs, my ~/.dvdcss directory counts 64 keys.

On a Gentoo side of the things, I’ve completed my job today at 15, so tomorrow I’ll have time to reconnect the gfbsd box, and finally start tacking down the remaining problems. Tonight I’ll take a look to the rest of the bugs, and see to handle them.

Oh I started trying out kdetv as an everyday TV viewer, as it’s simpler to command with kdelirc, but it does not really seem to work that well with tuning, I’ll have to import tvtime’s stations.

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