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Holiday update

A simple and quick update, as I’ve just took a forced break from the data entry job (as it would have been too good as a job, I have to do it with a faulty box, the keyboard stop responding after a while, and I have to reboot… or to shut it down for a while).

First of all, a little of self-advertising 😉 published another article of mine: Using Gnulib to improve software portability. I want to thanks Chris for proofreading and fixing it up before submission to editors 🙂

I’d also like to say to the advertisers of an italian newspaper, that making radio stations air that the first DVD of a series is available when it was published two weeks before and it’s no more available, it’s just a stupid way to gain readers.

I’m referring to the DVDs of Italian actor Marco Paolini (Italian Wikipedia), in particular to his show about the Vajont disaster, one of the most touching acting I’ve ever seen.

But now knowing that there are DVDs available for his shows, I’ll try to find them somewhere.

Now I’m going to clean up a few things, and then I’ll restart working, tomorrow is the last day, and I have still about 200 records to entry in the database.

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