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Wanting to learn Docbook

It’s time for me to start learning something new, and this time is the turn of DocBook. While I’m still going on with the job that’s taking up my time, I need to relax my mind with something else between the breaks.
Today, I fixed the tree to use bindnow-flags function instead of -Wl,-z,now flags, removing a couple of userland_Darwin checks, but this takes longer and while useful it’s not productive for myself 🙂

Why I want to learn docbook? Because unieject needs some user documentation, and the mxml2man program seems not to be what I really needed, although I hacked it quite a bit, I didn’t get a hold of it enough. So I’m thinking of just writing everything in docbook, and ship it with prebuilt manpages.

Anyway, now the main parties already gone, tomorrow I need to end cleaning up my room and insert at least 150 records. At 30 records/hour, I need quite a bit of hours spent on that, I’ll put the Dream Teather DVD as background music, most probably.

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