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Holidays and backlog

Okay, so today I got the 625 records I have to entry in the database for work. Not exactly a light job, also if I can reach the 30 records/hour.. the main problem is that lot of data are about non-Italian people, and I find sometime difficult to read correctly the names.
As I said, the job takes my “complete attention”, as I have to connect the monitor to another box to work at it (a non-networked Windows 2000 box they gave me), also if I have the iBook open for emergencies, I don’t follow mails or IRC or either Jabber when I’m working on it.

I’m currently waiting to clean up my backlog, as I have a patch to GwenView that Lanius gave me the ok to commit (removes an executable stack on AMD64), and xawtv that I promised to look at (before I got the job, I joined media-tv herd to help with zvbi needed by xawdecode, and I’m thinking to move there alevt that is probably more “at home” – phosphan given it up, and it’s currently media-video).

Also, as I had to send it already to two people, I put the two patches for my keyboard hack on my space, hope people can enjoy them until I can find time to find a solution to the >255 keys.

These holidays are going to be strange, from a side happy, as I’m having a strangely “lucky” real life, but a part strange because of family chaos and this work that’s going to destroy my nerves, I already know. But I need the money…
I also have to clean up my room as it’s really a mess especially after changing amplifier yesterday.

Oh and to shut up the people bitching about holidays/christmas/hanuka/whatever… Happy Yule to all.. a bit late perhaps 😛

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