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Hints when using split debug

Okay this might be of use to the ones that are currently tinkering with the split debug info for portage implemented by solar. I found this today: after rebuilding rtorrent and libtorrent with the split debug info to track an abort at end of download, I got a not better glibc invalid pointer result. The cause shown to be libsigc++ that was not built with debug info and -g3, rebuilding it that way, solved the problem. The same happened with amaroK and taglib.

So, if you see strange crashes, it might be the case to rebuild the deps of the package… and if you have time, maybe an emerge -e world would be the safer solution.

Currently my /usr/lib/debug directories is 886MB, I’m going to rebuild gcc as I found that I was using nostrip’ed packages since at least two weeks, and that probably was the cause of the extra memory I seen occupied lately.

A few notes on past posts

I’ve committed quite a bit of de-GNU-ification today, and I also moved qt 3.3.5 to use CHOST instead of checking for kernel/libc pairs to build on non-Linux, it should work on DragonFly, OpenBSD and NetBSD now.

And about the Gentoo/Alt missing SVN, I’d like to take a point clearer: what we “lost” is anoncvs access, nobody ever wanted to non-devs having write access to it, that’s why we have devs, at the end 🙂 Also, infra (our sysadmins) are already working on the issue to find a solution, thanks guys 🙂

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